Edition 1487
11 August 2018
Edition: 1487

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Coimbra pondering CCTV in upper town to combat plague of graffiti

by TPN/Lusa, in News · 15-05-2018 08:34:00 · 1 Comments

The mayor of Coimbra, home of Portugal's oldest university, has called for more action against graffiti on the city's major buildings and monuments, saying that the introduction of video cameras to the upper town is not ruled out.

Coimbra pondering CCTV in upper town to combat plague of graffiti


The task of removing graffiti is estimated to cost the local council some €500,000 a year, and in recent days 'tags' have appeared on several national monuments in the city.


"This is a serious matter and, although it is not new, it had not happened with this intensity and lack of taste," said the mayor, Manuel Machado, told Lusa. "Even when the [Maoist] MRPP entertained itself scribbling slogans on walls, at least one could note a certain aesthetic sense. What we see today is a mess.


"It's unacceptable, it should be punished, it is a crime."


Machado said that a video surveillance system was "one of the tools" that could be used to combat the problem.


"We shall resort to the legal instruments, within existing rules, to neutralise this kind of undesirable behaviour that damages the public interest," he said, when asked about whether CCTV could be introduced in Coimbra's upper town, where the old cathedral and several other national monuments are to be found.


Machado cited the São Salvador church as one of example of a monument whose façade has become covered in graffitied phrases and tags.


"It is one of Coimbra's oldest churches, used for most royal weddings of the first dynasty," he said. "The Machado de Castro Museum is a jewel that is dilapidated by this kind of vandalism. Even the sculptures by Rui Chafes [in the Jardim da Sereia gardens], after the council invested more than thirty thousand euros in restoring them, the next day were vandalised by graffiti in bad taste."


I think it is time that the authorities and normal people get serious about combatting the plague that is unauthorized Graffiti/Tagging with higher penalties, Advertising/Education, regulations and community involvment. Attitudes must change with the Authorities down to the common person on the street towards this plague. This is not just an issue with national monuments but also with private property which are vandalized and defaced without second thought. As a new resident of Lisbon/Portugal and a new property owner in Bairro Alto, we have been able to combat this plague by installing lighting, CCTV, signs on the building as well as engaging a graffiti cleaner to clean within 48hrs of a tag. So far, we are one of the few buildings in Bairro Alto not vandalized. It was not easy to convince my condo neighbours to take this measure as most have learned to live with this mess... but thankfully, they agreed with the measures and it seems to be paying off. Other property owners should take the same strategy to to to minimize this plague and "make Lisbon beautiful again!!! elio
by Elio Pacheco from Lisbon on 15-05-2018 10:52:00

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Edition 1487
11 August 2018
Edition: 1487

Read this week's issue online exactly as it appears in print.



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