Crime figures show tram pick-pocket cluster

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Crime figures show tram pick-pocket cluster

The Lisbon bus and tram systems were particular focal points for the 5,779 street crimes reported to the capital’s police force according to a report from the Criminal Investigation Division.

With an overall total value of stolen property running in excess of two million euros, there were a total of 1,672 thefts on Carris operated buses and trams, with the majority of incidents being pick pocketing.
Indeed, of that total, over 1,050 took place exclusively on trams running the 15 and 28 routes interlinking key tourist destinations within the capital with the report identifying how the trams generally run full to capacity and, constantly stopping and starting, and as a result are favoured by both tourists and pick-pockets alike.
However, the police report did emphasise that as the majority of the thefts went unnoticed at the time and only came to the victim’s awareness when reaching for their wallet or purse, identifying the exact site of the crime was “like finding a needle in a haystack.”
The number of crimes reported on public transport around the capital rose to 2,109 complaints when taking into account the city’s metro and suburban railway services.

Of the remainder, 1,961 of the other incidents involved muggings and similar on public streets while there were 479 thefts reported in shopping centres and 301 in restaurants and other similar establishments.
The report also detailed how 70 percent of the total crimes took place in the Baixa downtown region of Lisbon with their incidence in keeping with the peaks and troughs of the tourism season.
January and February were the months with the lowest number of robberies, 271 and 320 respectively, before they reached their peak in summer months with June and August seeing the greatest number of crimes in turn, with 613 and 671 apiece.
Saturday sees the largest number of crimes with the period between midday and 8pm accounting for the majority of them.
The criminals clearly target international visitors to the city but with an even gender balance whilst in terms of Portuguese victims, women are in a clear majority over their fellow male citizens.
The report also noted that the age group between 51 and 65 was slightly more prone to falling victim tosuch thefts before concluding that the study would enable the police to better target their resources in terms of crime prevention.


Ok one crime is one crime too many, nevertheless no news here really! It equates to just over 15 crimes per day. Travelled on the routes mentioned and if sensible strategies are employed, your risk of being a victim is minimised.

by Goforit1 from UK on 01-09-2014 09:44:00

The Green Lisbon metro line with short 2 car trains gets very crowded and is definitely a pickpocket target. I was a victim a couple of years ago. My advice is avoid that line, take a taxi.

by Geoffrey Ryder from UK on 29-08-2014 11:14:00
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