Gov't faces yet another no-confidence vote

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Gov't faces yet another no-confidence vote

Portugal’s PSD/CDS-PP coalition government is facing a no-confidence vote in parliament on Thursday, presented by ecologist party “Os Verdes”.

This is the fifth vote against this government and, like the previous one, will be turned down by the majority.

Os Verdes was the only party that had not used up all its possibilities of presenting a no-confidence vote and wanted to exercise their right even knowing it would fail.

Parliamentary rules say that if a no-confidence vote fails, its backers cannot present another such vote during the legislature.

The Communists and Left Bloc have already said they would support the motion by Os Verdes as usual, but this time, much to the coalition’s annoyance, particularly when the three main parties are trying to form a “national salvation commitment”, the Socialists are also going to vote against the government.

Socialist whip Carlos Zorrinho tried to explain the apparent contradiction by saying the national salvation conversations were not with the government, but with all the political parties that were available.

Os Verdes announced their intention to table the no-confidence motion during a debate on the state f the nation in parliament last Friday, but Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho said the vote was “very welcome” as it in effect becomes an automatic vote of confidence in the coalition government, without the government having to ask for it.

“You know that this government has a tight-knit majority in the house to support it”, he said at the time.

The text of the no-confidence vote says it is “fundamental” “to change the troika memorandum by renegotiation” of the debt “to finds a way to pay that does not contradict the country’s economic growth”.

If the no-confidence vote was to be passed, the government would be forced to resign.


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