Monument, palace, museum staff striking today and tomorrow

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Monument, palace, museum staff striking today and tomorrow

Employees in Portugal’s museums, palaces, monuments and archaeological sites, which fall under the umbrella of the Ministry of Culture, are on strike today (Good Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday), called by trade unions in the sector.

At a press conference held in Lisbon on March 22, union leaders from the National Federation of Trade Unions of Public and Social Workers (FNSTFPS), representatives of the Culture sector, criticised the "lack of reflection on tourism activity”, and the “lack of response” from the Ministry of Culture to their demands.

Artur Sequeira, of the FNSTFPS, recalled at a recent press conference that the Government "has been talking about an improvement in the country's economy, due in large part to the increase in tourism, and a substantial increase in ticket office and shop revenue" in museums, palaces and monuments, but without "any reflection of this improvement on the workers' claims".

The reasons for the national strike are, according to the trade unions, mainly the "chronic shortage of staff", the “use of precarious jobs to meet the permanent needs of workers, the right to enjoyment of the Holy Week holiday" and "the integration of the precarious workers ".

They also demand the immediate payment of the supplementary work, the restoration of payment to one hundred percent for work on holidays and weekends, counting all time of service for career progression, regardless of the type of employment contract, a regulation of uniforms, and replacement of special careers in the area of culture, among others.

"If there has been an increase in visitors and ticket and store revenue, then there are also conditions to improve many aspects of the workers' situation," said Artur Sequeira.


Ah, spring is in the air! Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, Portuguese workers on strike...
by Tony B from USA on 31-03-2018 06:50:00
Being a tourist traveling in Portugal, I may acknowledge workers demand, but cannot agree on the modalities of the protest.

I, for one, feel used instrumentally to put pressure on the government, because I will go home without having had the possibility to visit beautiful places.

The maturity of a confrontation is measured by the unintended consequences of the protest. In this case, all foreigners will have some news to bring back home, not all of them positive.

While I write, there is still the possibility to come to an agreement. Let's see if reason will prevail.
by Paolo Falcioni from Lisbon on 30-03-2018 08:25:00
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