New emergency ID card for foreigners launched to facilitate communication with authorities

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New emergency ID card for foreigners launched to facilitate communication with authorities

To facilitate communication between tourists and foreign residents in Portugal and Portugal’s authorities and emergency medical services, Safe Communities Portugal has developed an emergency identification card which can also be used by any national citizen.

In collaboration with the GNR and PSP police forces and with the National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM), Safe Communities Portugal (SCP) has responded to the needs of the foreign community in Portugal by making available in a single document, personal and health data that may be useful to medical teams and authorities in an emergency situation, such as a road accident or major catastrophes.
The Emergency Card does not replace official identification documents, but is intended to serve as an additional source of information that contains specific data such as medication, allergies, and current illnesses, as well as information about the authorities of the citizens’ countries of origin, with whom it may be necessary to establish direct contact.
The document in English and Portuguese is avail-able for download on:www.

.com (home page red tab - EMERGENCY ID CARD DOWNLOAD), INEM and Security Forces, and will be promoted to foreign communities in Portugal and tourists through their respective embassies and through the Tourism Boards.
Interested citizens can download the card in pdf format from the pages of the GNR, PSP, INEM and SCP. Holders need only to fill in the data they deem appropriate, and cut and laminate the document so that it can always be in their possession.
It can be updated at any time instantly, and there are no costs or data privacy issues involved.
David Thomas, President of Safe Communities Portugal, stated that “this idea arose from feedback received at our seminars and from discussion with emergency services during an ANPC exercise that SCP participated in at Castelo Branco earlier this year.
“It was reported to us that in the event of an accident, vital information on the victim, such as allergies and medication, often took first responders some time to establish, particularly among foreigners.
“We therefore approached the INEM national headquarters and a focus group meeting was held between SCP and operational staff from the INEM, GNR and PSP in Lisbon and work started to create this card. The result reflects the operational needs of those emergency teams attending the scenes of accidents etc.”
He added: “I encourage everyone to use this card and carry it with them at all times. It could be a life saver!”


I just want to say that this stap is very much appreciated and thank you for helping us thanks Portugal
by Asad Hussain from Lisbon on 06-12-2018 09:57:00
we welcome this emergency card
by Maurice Fiset from Other on 04-12-2018 06:48:00
In che cosa consiste con precisione
by Beniamino from Other on 02-12-2018 06:24:00
For 3 months a year we go to the Albufeira every year for the last 11 years and I think that having this emergency card is a great idea and I will get. One
by from Other on 01-12-2018 09:16:00
Great idea.
So why is it that the UK govt. can't come up with something this simple?
by from Algarve on 30-11-2018 02:00:00
Although a U.K citizen, I have permeant residence for South Africa having lived and worked there from 1996 until 2017 when I retired to Portugal. Each person that has a legal right to reside in South Africa has an I.D. number. The person’s personal details are logged into the national computer system and each person is obliged by law to carry the relevant document (passport type booklet) it with them at all times. Whilst there are eleven official languages in South Africa with the use of the I.D. number made registration be it security to a major company, bank applications, driving licence validity etc. act simple and efficient.
by Ian Mackie from Other on 30-11-2018 11:58:00
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