New laws for foreigners

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New laws for foreigners

New laws that regulate the entry, stay, exit and estrangement of foreigners to, in and from Portugal will be introduced in October.

The new regulations will also cover the criminalisation of hiring illegal immigrants as well as the deportation of criminals given sentences of over a year.
According to the new law foreigners living in Portugal who have been sentenced to jail terms of over a year, isolated or accumulated, will not have their residency permits renewed.

The changes are to be introduced on 8 October, after being approved by a majority in Parliament and published in the Government Gazette two months ago.
There will be five fundamental alterations in relation to the former law, namely concerning the criminalisation of hiring illegal immigrants, the creation of a new type of residence permit, called the ‘EU Blue Card’, and the reinforcement of tackling marriages of convenience.
Changes will also be made to the institute of family reunification, along with a clarification to the definition of “immigrant entrepreneur”, to facilitate investment projects in Portugal.


hi I need to now I was in other country with travel documents now my visa expires before 2 months is it possible is any way I can stay in Portugal any solutions ?
by usman from Other on 23-12-2015 01:57:00
I am a Nepali citizen. I would like to immigrate in Portugal. How can it possible?
by Prachand from Other on 11-01-2015 05:36:00
I am a resident and have the necessary paperwork but would just like them to re-introduce the i.d. card status as I am tired of having to carry my husbands and my life's paperwork around with me. any news on that being introduced soon?
Love the action being taken above though, it is time that criminals were actually labelled and treated as such.
by Joan Tutty from Algarve on 20-09-2012 04:51:00
As far as i know,just like before Portugal joined the EU,Anyone including British, the maximum amount of time you can stay in Portugal is 3 months,then after that time you need a visa or work permit, also a UK driving licence can be used when driving hired cars Only,if you own a private car,then you have to have a Portuguese licence, and of course you first need to be a resident.
So being in the European Union is now meaningless.
by Troy from UK on 19-09-2012 09:47:00
I have looked up the EU Blue Card and it only applies to people from outside the EU. Does this legislation have any affect on citizens from other eu countries living here?
by Dave Reid from Porto on 19-09-2012 02:18:00
Just as the UK,its been a problem there. Probably worse there as its connected to Europe by land,and like the UK actions are a little too late.
It would have been far easier for Portugal if their Border Agency had spent their time investigating their coast resorts/Bars/Rest/and Gardening businesses in the Areas for the past 10 years.
by Troy from UK on 17-09-2012 05:32:00
Have to say - I wish the UK government were this sensible.
by Tim from UK on 14-09-2012 12:04:00
One of the things that this government is doing correctly.
by Mattus from Other on 14-09-2012 09:07:00
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