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16 June 2018
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Police make major dent in Algarve cannabis production

by TPN/Lusa, in Algarve · 18-10-2012 10:13:00 · 4 Comments

A total of 2,000 individual doses of cannabis and two dozen plants grown in a sophisticated greenhouse system near Moncarapacho, in the municipality of Olhão, were seized earlier this week by the GNR.

According to a statement from Faro GNR, the cannabis plants were grown with a hydroponic system, whereby the roots are only in contact with water “a high tech system supported by a structure of a size not yet seen,” and which reduced the time needed for plants to grow.
During the search that took place in homes and greenhouses in an isolated area, which allegedly belong to a Swedish family, police found the entire plantation process, from growing to drying and packaging the drugs.
Two pit bulls guarded the entrance to the drug den, which had been under investigation by the Tavira Criminal Investigation branch of the GNR for several months prior to the raid.
A 40 year-old man was arrested during the operation, and another aged 25 was caught on Monday afternoon during another search that led to more cannabis being seized.
Aside from the 2,000 doses of the drug and the plants, various accessories used to package and weigh the drugs were also seized by the police.
The greenhouse was dismantled and the parts seized, while two vehicles with fake British number plates were also taken.
The GNR believe that this operation has led to one of the main production and distribution points for cannabis in the Algarve now being dismantled.
Meanwhile, Silves GNR seized 11 cannabis plants, 151 grammes of dried and packaged drugs and 70 cannabis plant seeds from the gardens of two properties near Armação de Pêra on Monday. This operation led to the arrest of three men aged between 24 and 47.


Haha "Major Dent" It wouldn't even support enough for 1 smokers yearly use?
I thought Portugal had some what positive legislation on these matters?
Embarrassing Journalism on this one :/
by wamba77 from Other on 24-02-2013 05:46:00
A major dent? I really can't imagine 2 dozen plants would make any difference to Algarve. How much dope do they imagine is smoked in Portugal every day?
by Anne Brown from Algarve on 20-10-2012 09:15:00
What an utter waste of police time - is there no more serious crimes being committed in the Algarve - lucky lot!

And it's the taxpayers that pay the price.

Meanwhile, thousands more people in Portugal will be growing their own, whether indoors or hidden away in the countryside - after all, it does grow like a weed.

In fact, cultivation of this remarkable plant the oil of which it is now claimed - with plenty of supportive evidence - CURES CANCERS as well as the plant itself helping relieve stress and pains from dreadful ailments like Multiple Sclerosis and Arthritis, Epilepsy and much more
by alun buffry from UK on 19-10-2012 12:36:00
Major dent? Not likely! Why do journalists persist in transcribing press releases from the police instead of writing an actual fact-checked story? Compare possible production from this operation with regional consumption figures and I think you may find that this is more like a drop in the bucket. As well, how long do you think it might take to set up a replacement facility? A week? Less?
Regards, D
by Dan Rooney from Other on 19-10-2012 11:12:00

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Edition 1479
16 June 2018
Edition: 1479

Read this week's issue online exactly as it appears in print.



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