Portugal to buy four Danish ships for €25 million

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Portugal to buy four Danish ships for €25 million

Portugal is set to purchase four military ships from Denmark for around €25 million before the end of this year, according to Portugal’s Navy Chief, Admiral Macieira Fragoso.

In an interview with national news channel RTP Informação, Macieira Fragoso explained that the four ships will be used to replace the old Cacine-class of Portuguese Corvette navy vessels.
There are currently four of the ships in use but which are soon to be put out of service.
“It is a unique opportunity” to buy the Danish vessels, the Admiral stressed, adding that they have “at least another 15 years of service” for the Portuguese Armed Forces in them.
The head of the Portuguese Navy added that political power in this country has “forgotten the sea” over the past two decades, and went on to claim that the national Maritime Authority is “an emanation of the Navy”.

But, subsequent reports have highlighted, the National Maritime Authority (AMN) is actually a civil structure belonging to the State which uses military resources, as does the PJ police force and the National Civil Protection Authority, among other entities that the Armed Forces support.
That very definition is, according to Lusa News Agency, contained in a report carried out 18 months ago by the General Inspectorate of the Armed Forces (IGFA) and served as the basis for an order from the Ministry of Defence which determined a clear distinction between the Navy and the AMN.
According to the General Inspectorate, the National Maritime Authority is a “civil structure of public administration” distinguished “from others” by its “identity, historical genesis and conferred powers.”
In July 2013 National Defence Minister Aguiar-Branco instructed the Navy to “collaborate in the correction” of existing dysfunctions “whenever requested” by the AMN.
However, when speaking to RTP earlier this week Macieira Fragoso said the Navy has “several aspects” to it, both military and civilian”, when it is apparently by definition an exclusively military branch like the Air Force which lends its means and abilities to civil entities, to exercise and impose their authority at sea.


Can't we just build our OWN! Much cheaper. A country of seafarers that can't even build our own ships anymore.

by Marco from Other on 01-10-2014 01:53:00

Hope they remember to get a receipt this time...

by Mark Wylie from UK on 26-09-2014 10:28:00
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