Portuguese among the latest risers in the world

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Portuguese among the latest risers  in the world

Portuguese have been found to be among the latest risers in the world, but were not among those who went to bed the latest, new research has revealed.

Northern Ireland-based blinds provider Bloc Blinds has analysed data from sleep app SleepCycle to investigate the state of sleep around the world.

Using the 2018 data from over 920,000 users, the company has created a new tool for readers to see how countries differ in timings for sleeping and rising.

The map looks at over 60 different countries and proves that even close neighbours do not live by the same cultural schedules. Ireland, for example, goes to bed twenty minutes after those in England, Wales and Scotland, and rises at a similarly later time in the morning.

The average sleep time globally hovered around the seven and a half hour mark.

Australia’s timings do not match their geographical neighbours, either - sleeping almost an hour longer than those in Indonesia - and are better matched to sleepers in Colombia and South Africa, which are in bed the earliest (10.56pm) and are up at 6.18am.

Portuguese are the third latest risers on the planet, with research saying they wait until 8.10am to get out of bed. This is only beaten by Greece (8.18am) and Saudi Arabia (8.22am).

On average, Portuguese head to bed at 00.47am, 25 minutes before Iranians, who are the last to go to bed, according to the research.


I "wake up" between 0:00 AM and 0:00 PM, which means I never sleep as I got chronic insomnia and I get up from bed after I spend at least 12 to 14 hours in it, without much sleep. I am a citizen of the Kinkdome Rebooblig of Barbolia.

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