Portuguese lawyer takes world by storm with brilliant biro masterpieces

By Carrie-Marie Bratley, in News · 30-08-2012 09:19:00 · 1 Comments
Portuguese lawyer takes world by storm with brilliant biro masterpieces

A Portuguese lawyer has grabbed the world’s attention with his stunning, life-like drawings that are painstakingly created using ball-point pens in eight different colours.

Samuel Silva, 29, has been a fully-fledged lawyer since 2007 but it is his talent outside the courtroom that is currently earning him fame.
In recent weeks his drawings have been featured in mainstream media around the world, ranging from the UK’s Daily Mail to the American news website Huffington Post, Digital Spy, and in Asian, Spanish and Turkish publications, among others.
Describing himself on art website deviantart as a “self-taught patient hobbyist person”, Mr Silva says he has “always been interested in drawing, sculpting and painting”, since the age of two.

It was during his school years that he developed his own style of ballpoint pen drawing, “in simple classroom sketches in the back of my exercise books”; “I never imagined there were so many brilliantly masterful ballpoint artists out there”, he says.
Mr. Silva also claims to be proficient with chalk, pencil, colour pencil, pastels, oils and acrylics, but says that ballpoint is “just the one I’m currently trying to master.”
“It takes me forever to do my works. The only thing that makes me keep going is my love for what I do and the ambition to go further and further”, he shares, adding: “I’m just glad to be here, I want to learn a lot, see a lot, and enjoy to its fullest what other fellow artists have to share” he says, sharing the words of wisdom: ‘Ballpoint pens are as underestimated as they are a powerful medium. It’s not about what you use, it’s about how you use it.’


by Tessa Simpson from Lisbon on 02-09-2012 01:50:00
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