Portuguese say country is increasingly corrupt

By Brendan de Beer, in News · 11-07-2013 10:11:00 · 5 Comments
Portuguese say country is increasingly corrupt

The overwhelming majority of Portuguese believe corruption has increased over the past two years, essentially the period during which the country has been subjected to strict terms imposed upon it by the bailout troika of international lenders.

The study, which forms part of Transparency International’s (TI) annual report on corruption, reveals that eight of ten Portuguese believe corruption has gone up while more than half (53 percent) believe the “Government is being controlled by a restricted number of economic groups.”
The 78 percent share which says corruption has increased also represents the highest
percentage of any European country.
A total of 70 percent of Portuguese said corruption in the civil service was a “serious problem” while an additional 20 percent said it was a “problem”.
Overall, three in four Portuguese (76 percent) said the Government’s efforts to tackle corruption was ineffective, with 39 percent stressing it was “very ineffective”.
Despite the heightened perception of corruption, Portuguese were the least likely to pay a bribe in Europe, at least according to respondents, and is ranked the third most unlikeliest country where citizens will admit to paying bribes to people in public office.

Overall, the world’s largest public opinion survey on corruption shows that more than one in four paid a bribe in the last 12 months.
Globally, more than one person in two thinks corruption has worsened in the last two years.
The Global Corruption Barometer 2013 is a survey of 114,000 people in 107 countries and it shows corruption is widespread.
Still, nearly 9 out of 10 people surveyed said they would act against corruption and two-thirds of those who were asked to pay a bribe had refused, suggesting that governments, civil society and the business sector need to do more to engage people in thwarting corruption.
“Bribe paying levels remain very high worldwide, but people believe they have the power to stop corruption and the number of those willing to combat the abuse of power, secret dealings and bribery is significant,” said Huguette Labelle, the Chair of Transparency International.
The Global Corruption Barometer 2013 also found that in too many countries the institutions people rely on to fight corruption and other crime are themselves not trusted.
“Governments need to take this cry against corruption from their citizenry seriously and respond with concrete action to elevate transparency and accountability,” Labelle said.
Politicians themselves have much to do to regain trust. The Global Corruption Barometer 2013 shows a crisis of trust in politics and real concern about the capacity of those institutions responsible for bringing criminals to justice. In 51 countries, including Portugal, political parties are seen as the most corrupt institution.
Portuguese view political parties as the most corrupt public authority, with 73 percent saying they believe elected officials to be “on the take”.
In Portugal, police fared relatively well. A total of 38 percent said they were of the opinion that police officials were corrupt, which is lower than for media (41 percent), NGOs (39 percent) and only slightly above religious bodies (35 percent).


I agree totally with the fact GNR is completely corrupted and get money from Tziganes. I'm a victim of blackmailing and intimidation by GNR and Gypsies. I have to pay 10000 euros to have liberated a dog who was neglected and going to die in a shed in metal, with a temperature of 40°C. Now I'm waiting for the Court because I have refused to negotiate with Mafia.

by Alice Soames from Lisbon on 15-08-2019 01:44:00

It isn't just the government, but professions as well.

I work on a construction project where all technical design is provided by engineers from Porto.

I have never come across such a uniform refusal to do work well, a fervent hope that someone else will complete their work for them and fix the very many mistakes we find in designs on a daily basis. We ask for proper design, go through the charde of them saying its complete and we have to tell them what is missing, we tell them and then they argue and argue and argue.

God in my life I have never come across people so keen for arguiing that they are not responsible for anything.

For all that, they are desperate for more money to fix the mistakes that they say don't exist!

Nice people outside of work, but I hope I never have to work with Portuguese again.

by Charles from Other on 13-11-2017 02:30:00

Come to the AZORES - AÇORES is better than Portugal.

by Buddha from Açores on 18-05-2015 12:54:00

I agree , corruption is a major problem at all levels . But there are other aggravating factors , too many politicians per capita , a very high level of incompetence and unaccountability , and a very very low efficiency , not just in government services , but in general throughout the country . Add to this idleness by many and a reliance on the old system of government assistance dating back to the dictator days .
A classic case of incompetence and possibly corruption is the installation of electronic motorway charging in a country with a massive influx of foreign tourists each year and its bad management . Also the incompetence of not building motorways without the possibility of adding toll booths , and as has been seen recently the bad construction and completion of many motorways . The Portuguese system is out of step with the rest of Europe .
Sorry , the Portuguese political system needs a total overhaul and legislation introduced to punish corruption especially at government ( local and national) levels , and punishment for bad management , as elections are insufficient .

by PG from Lisbon on 09-01-2015 08:51:00

Agree, this country is corrupt, example is the police. Inefficient amd incompetent. Experienced viollance in Bairro Alto in Bar Carrib by the security. Called Police. They did the registration, but it appeared that they by purpose made mistakes in the registration. There were several witnesses, but they didn't want to take their witness Therefor I had to drop the registration. It seems that the police protected the Portugese agressor. Security approved by the Police. Don't understand that Europe is supporting and contributing to countries like this.

by Johan doruiter from Lisbon on 26-09-2014 10:14:00
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