Sun-seeking app ranks Lisbon among world’s top-three sunniest destinations

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Sun-seeking app ranks Lisbon among world’s top-three sunniest destinations

A software application designed to find the world’s warmest spots on any given day has established that, historically, Lisbon has the third best weather in the world for the month of August.

According to the Sunlovr app, in August the Portuguese capital boasts an average of 29 degrees Celsius, 30 dry days and only 0.1mm of rainfall for the month.
This places the Portuguese capital third on a list of worldwide destinations with the best weather in August, behind Alexandria (Egypt) and Beirut (Lebanon), and ahead of Casablanca, (Morocco) and Djibouti (Djibouti), which rounds off the top-five hotspots.
Sunlovr was developed in Melbourne by Australian Charlie Logan.
It was launched for iPhones and iPads on 17 July and by the end of this month will also be available for Android.
“I thought of the idea when I was about to return home to Australia from Japan but on the way I wanted to go somewhere warm and sunny. So what I had to do was basically manually search the weather for about fifty cities between Osaka and Melbourne in the hope that somewhere was going to have nice weather. A lot of places were hot but overcast, but that’s not what I was looking for. I was after blue skies and sunshine for these particular dates, and that’s how Sunlovr came to be”, Logan told The Portugal News.

The App works on a ‘Best Weather’ algorithm: “If the user’s search is within the next fourteen days we use the current weather forecast, and if the search is further away we use historical monthly averages (number of sunny days per month, average rainfall per month, etc.) using data from So there’s a bit of work behind the algorithm”, Logan explains.
Since its recent launch Sunlovr has been very well received and is currently the number-one featured weather App on the App Store and the number-three featured paid weather App.
It has also amassed over 60,000 fans on Facebook, a response that has stunned its creator.
“I have been really surprised by the app’s success so far. It’s only been out for a bit and already it has been featured on the App Store for Paid Weather Apps, so Apple obviously thinks it’s good!”, he says.
Logan believes the app can be of use to people “who really value good weather on their holidays and don’t want to risk even the possibility of clouds.
“The app saves you manually searching the forecasts for every city in the world hoping you’ll find somewhere not only warm, but sunny too. Say you only have two weeks off from work a year; the last thing you want is to waste them somewhere wet or even overcast. You want to go somewhere between 25-35 degrees and sunny. Sunlovr’s default search is for spots between 25-35 degrees Celsius and sunny, but you can change the temperature range if you prefer your weather warmer or cooler.”
Another useful feature is that, if travellers are planning a trip more than two weeks in advance, instead of using a weather forecast Sunlovr provides historical monthly averages (average temperature, average number of dry days per month, average rainfall per month) for whatever dates are chosen.
Sunlovr costs $0.99c (roughly €0.70) to download and is unique in as much as it pinpoints exactly where holidaymakers can find the best sunny weather at any time of year.
“The reason I decided to charge for Sunlovr is because it is literally the only app out there that does this, and I didn’t want to ruin the feel of the app with in-app advertising. There are thousands of Weather apps and thousands of Travel apps, but none of them focus on finding people hot and sunny weather”, Logan concludes.


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