The Wine Show moves to Portugal

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The Wine Show moves to Portugal

The third season of the popular Wine Show television series will be recorded in Portugal.

After completing its first two seasons in Italy and France, the world’s most watched series on wines will be in Portugal, where its focus will be mainly on Port and Madeira wines.

The series, which sees actors Matthew Goode and James Purefoy sampling some of the world’s best wines and cuisine, is shown in more than 100 countries and on board airlines such as the Emirates.


If in Portugal the focus of this season will be the Port and Madeira wines... it means the show does not really know anything about the Portugal wines or does not want to contribute for the general culture of people their audience. My opinion: almost everybody around the world knows Port am Madeira wines, at least who enjoy wine and know something about wines. The “secret” who most of the people around the world do not know is that Portugal as some of the very best table wines of the world at every level of prices (low, medium and high). Some old families and foundations producing some very limited productions of very top and expensive wines do not even take them to international wine competitions because they feel that the iniciative (submit their wines to be compared eis other “drinks”) is an humiliation to their wines. Discover thesome of the best unknown wines of the world is the real journalism (investigative journalism). Anyway be welcomed. I love Port and Madeira wine too.

by Armando Ferreira from Alentejo on 17-02-2019 09:29:00

Does 'The Wine Show' have a collection of the first two year's series that has a ready access? How about the new one...?

by Roger Ormon from USA on 16-02-2019 07:04:00
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