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19 May 2018
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Toddler killed after “falling” on family pitbull

by TPN/Lusa, in News · 10-01-2013 09:27:00 · 26 Comments

An 18-month-old boy from Beja, who was attacked by a family dog last Sunday, died from his injuries two days later in hospital in Lisbon. The dog is set to be destroyed on Monday, 14 January.

The boy was attacked in his home by the family’s pitbull-cross on Sunday afternoon (6 January) and died from his injuries two days later, on Tuesday morning.
The nine-year-old dog belonged to the toddler’s uncle, who lived in the house with the boy’s parents and grandparents.
Speaking to Lusa News Agency the young victim’s granddad, Jacinto Pinto, said the dog had been “in the dark” in the kitchen when the toddler went into that room and “fell on top of it.”
Surprised by the animal’s reaction, Mr. Pinto says the attack “has no explanation” because it was a “gentle” dog that “had always lived with children” and in its nine years had “never” attacked or hurt anyone.
In Portugal a pitbull-cross is considered a ‘potentially dangerous’ breed.
The dog was collected by Beja’s municipal vet on Monday after PSP police requested its removal from the family home.
The animal is being kept at the Inter-municipal Kennel of the Association of Alentejo Municipalities for Environmental Management (AMALGA).
“The boy fell on top of it and it attacked. How or why after nine years of living with the family? It is in the nature of all dogs, especially those that are crossed with potentially dangerous breeds like the pitbull”, explained Beja municipal vet Linda Rosa, adding that when the dog was collected it was “very tranquil and showed no aggressiveness.”
Mr. Pinto said he was glad the dog is going to be destroyed and that “a year or so ago” he had gone to AMALGA to ask for it to be put to sleep as he “didn’t have the conditions to keep the dog at home.”
Linda Rosa said there was no other solution besides the dog’s destruction as “it is a dangerous dog, it has attacked, the boy was in a bad way in hospital and therefore it will have to be put down.”
As required by law the dog will be held in a specific observation pen for eight days after which “it will be put down”, the vet explained, reiterating: “it is a dangerous dog” because it “attacked a child” and therefore “the outcome is euthanasia.”
As a result of Sunday’s attack the boy was seriously injured and taken by his own mother to Beja Hospital at around 7pm.
Later that night, at approximately 8.30pm, the boy was transferred by helicopter to Lisbon’s Santa Maria Hospital due to a “serious head injury” from which he died two days later.


The parents of this little boy are the ones who should be facing charges for mistreating a child and a dog. The boy didn't had a bit . He fall on the floor. The dog did not attack the chd . The owner wanted to get ride of the dog a long time ago. This kind of people should be in jail and pay for the crime of letting a little child walk on the dark and for lying about what happens just to get rid of the poor dog . And who says that pit bulls born agressiv is because dont know nothing about animal behavior. They have much more love to give than humans. They are friends and care about us humans. ZICO was a victim as the child was!!!
by Inês Cordeiro from Lisbon on 28-05-2013 12:33:00
No one should be able to own an animal that has the power, inclination and genetics to kill a human being. It matters not whose fault it is - the breed or the owner - the attacks keep happening. There were 39 deaths in the US in 2012 and there already has been at least three this year, with two people in critical care. Not to mention the people that survived, lost limbs, ears, noses, feet and their family pets to pit bull type dogs. Those numbers are huge and we will not be silenced by the bullies that own the pit bulls. We know you'd like us to be quiet and go back in our houses but we won't. We will tell our stories and the world will hear our voices. And we will sue. And we will keep talking. And we will keep contacting our city governments. We will peacefully fight to have our streets safe to walk on again and we will not bow down nor will we go away. No one has the right to own an animal that has the power, inclination and genetics to kill a human being. Now watch as the pit bullies attack with their keyboard...
by Juliette from USA on 18-01-2013 11:16:00
The parents owned a pitbull. Anyone who owns a fighting dog should be found guilty when it attacks someone. No questions the dog should be put down. that said the parents should be in jail.

These breeds are evil, they were designed to kill for fun. They enjoy killing and love blood, nothing makes them happier.

Over 3 billion people live in countries where these dogs are banned. If half the world decided these dogs ar dangerous how stupid are you t own one.

They can be loving and kind and then kill a second later. If you can't understand that dogs bred to kill are dangerous then you are a complete idiot.

Kill the dog asap and throw those parents in jail for murdering their child.
by Don't Threaten me. from USA on 17-01-2013 12:49:00
This case shows why Portugal is in the mess it is. People are quicker to revolt and act when it comes to protecting animals but are slow or don't do anything whenever the troika and politicians steal from law-abiding, hard-working citizens and force the best to emigrate. The Justice system care more about the fate of a dog than punishing those responsible for the current economic mess. People care more about animals than their fellow human-beings. Because of this, even though the dog should not be put down, I'm not signing any petitions and protesting against whatever happens to the dog.
by Reboltado from Porto on 16-01-2013 12:08:00
by SUSAN from Lisbon on 16-01-2013 10:26:00
The dog is not guilty, but only the parents....and the dog doesn´t bite the child, ther´s no prove....!The dog Zico is inocente...
by LISA from Lisbon on 15-01-2013 05:50:00
Milan Mach what do you mean with pit bulls and similar breeds? Are you saying that some breeds are dangerous? So, should I say that the Americans are dangerous, the Portuguese are rude and the Spanish are loud? NO! You shouldn't generalize. Of course that a bite of a pit bull could hurt more than a bite of a chihuahua, because their mouth is bigger, but that doesn't make pit bulls a dangerous breed.
by Maria from Lisbon on 15-01-2013 01:49:00
Only in crazy land did this dog react properly. No sane person wants an animal as a house pet that will kill your children if they trip. No sane person. If this were generally accepted behavior for generation upon generation, we would hear about babies, the elderly and drunk people dying every day. Worldwide, people trip over dogs thousands of times a day.
by Justin Morgan from Other on 14-01-2013 08:24:00
How many pit bull owners have bragged that their kid can climb all over their dog with no problems? How many Youtube videos of this behavior are praised as proof of a pit bull's gentle nature?

Nanny dogs? What a laugh!
by David from USA on 14-01-2013 05:53:00
Kelly Bernard your exactly right why? was 18 month old unsupervised?Maybe we do not know the full story.
by Troy from UK on 14-01-2013 09:18:00
The pit fans need to stop making up stories to slander normal dogs so as to make pit bull behaviour seem normal. Vet Linda Rosa is being malicious and false when she says killing a child is what any dog would do if a child fell on it. Helga Guillen with her retriever story is behind the times -- the pit fans are nowadays making up stories about chihuahuas that mauled them; phony stories about Goldens are passe nowadays.
In this situation, a normal dog *maybe* would have lashed out with an open mouth, *maybe* done a soft grab. It would not have crushed the child's skull as a first response, even in startle. This attack most certainly does "have and explanation" Mr. Pinto: the dog was a pit bull type dog mix. Although Dorota's comment sounds insane to most of us (the dog reacted properly by killing the child), it's only the pit fans who think this is proper. But she's right as far as the pit bull type dog goes -- immediately going into kill-mode is, indeed, proper to the breed. We need to ban all pit bull type dogs. In particular because the kind of people who like them really believe it's proper for a dog to kill, be it other dogs, our children, the neighbour. If we ban pit bulls, these people won't bother to get some other dog. They don't want dogs, they want killers.
by Lisbeth from Other on 14-01-2013 02:52:00
Why was the child not being supervised??? The dog was in the dark and the child fell on him, what do you think????
by Kay from USA on 14-01-2013 02:19:00
Its not difficult to figure out, no way a dog has priority over a human bring, it killed a child for heavens sake, it has to be put down, as for people suggesting its the parents fault, how could you , they must be suffering so much,
Pit bulls and simular breeds have no place in a home with children, thats the real issue
by Milan Mach from Algarve on 13-01-2013 11:17:00
by Kelly Bernard from USA on 13-01-2013 10:45:00
The dog is a protector by nature, it was put in the dark room suddenly something fell on top of it,the dog would think its being attacked just as a human would react in a dark room and an intruder jumped on them in bed.
I hope its owner never has another dog to keep as a prisoner.
by Troy from UK on 13-01-2013 06:38:00
The dog is not at fault and should live. He was startled and just reacting to instinct!
by Alma Anderson from USA on 13-01-2013 06:12:00
Toddler killed after “falling” on family pitbull
by Monika Pregesbauer from Other on 13-01-2013 06:02:00
This story is poorly told, the animal was mistreated, starved, with cropped ears (which is an illegal act), with body marks, scars, lived confined to the kitchen or a balcony, think about it, was these conditions to have an animal? It was a time bomb!
Now I ask, what was a 18 months kid doing in a dark kitchen?
The child suffered the attack at 7 p.m, wouldn't you call an ambulance? Dinis was taken to the hospital by his uncles in which were admitted at 9 pm, isn't this strange?
Dinis died of a traumatic brain injury, to me, a laywoman in the field, seems to me an injury more compatible with a bang than with a bite ... Not saying that the dog has not bitten, but I repeat, it was a time bomb, does not deserve to die by neglect Parents, uncles that should be aware at all the times! And this advice is valid to any breed.
Kids don't know how to handle with animals, we have to be present. I'll leave you this video so you can see how a dog shows every signs that he's not enjoying what's happening and the parentes simply ignore that.
by Li from Porto on 13-01-2013 05:31:00
The dog reacted properly. It's not his fault. Parents are guilty, because they shouldn't let their such small kid run by himself without their control.
by Dorota Murska from Other on 13-01-2013 05:24:00
stop de moorden op de pitbulls!
by vera schreuders from Other on 13-01-2013 05:12:00
accidents happen, and to be honest the parents should of been more careful, please do not kill the dog
by darlene from USA on 13-01-2013 05:09:00
we don't care why or how or if or somehow, this dog has killed.
it won't be going to the USA to be crated on a rescue farm.
don't let the pit bull bully's bully you.
put it down it has killed the boy had bites all over his head.
by hone from Other on 13-01-2013 11:17:00
For any dog advocate in Portugal who knows more detail about this case - can you please start a Facebook page to bring awareness about ZICO?
There are people all over the world who are willing to support and help. By the way, I did sign the petition.
by Diyanti from Other on 13-01-2013 06:25:00
Wasn't the dog fault' the dog was in the dark in the kitchen, and the todler fall on top of the dog, any breed will react like this dog, this is a tragic accident, My golden retriever was sleep in my bed, i went to bed and i seat in his legs, he reacted and mauled me, wasn't his fault, was my fault i should put the lights on, and call him, he would wake up and nothing wouldn't happen. I know lots of accidents that dogs from any breed feel threatening if someone unexpected fall on top of the dog while they are sleep, alone in a dark room or if they feel a lot of pain from an unexpected source. and they reaction is to defend themselves.and is not the dogs fault.
by helgaguillen ramos from Other on 13-01-2013 04:46:00
I agree with Troy.
by benvinda from Lisbon on 11-01-2013 11:13:00
Its a Dog,it was obviously startled.
Its sad about the child but unlike a human its actions are not always intentional.
Its at times like this I have to ask why do we not destroy humans that kill?
by Troy from UK on 11-01-2013 12:05:00

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Edition 1475
19 May 2018
Edition: 1475

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