Unions want salary increases of 4 percent in 2019

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The General Confederation of Portuguese Workers (CGTP), Portugal’s largest trade union association, is demanding salary increases of 4 percent for 2019, with a monthly increase of at least €40, and tax relief so that Portuguese workers can improve their standard of living.

For this to be achieved, the increase called for by the trade union association must guarantee a minimum monthly salary increase of €40 for all workers, the national minimum wage should increase to €650 per month and a housing and tax policy compatible with household income needs to be adopted, according to the CGTP’s priorities for 2019.
The demands were set out by the union federation’s executive committee in early September and are now in the hands of the 147 members of the National Council, who will also be given the opportunity to improve the proposal.
Asked about the CGTP’s claims for 2019, Secretary General Arménio Carlos explained they are aimed at improving people’s living and working conditions.
The general increase in wages and pensions, to promote a fairer distribution of wealth, a new fiscal policy, the creation of stable and rights-based employment, the promotion of collective bargaining, the improvement of state public and social services and regionalisation are the bases for these priorities.
As the CGTP believes that workers’ standard of living is not only determined by salaries, the union association calls for “a fair fiscal policy” and upping the fight against fraud and tax evasion.

Therefore, its Income Policy for the coming year will include widening income tax brackets, the inclusion of all income earned and the extension of the corporate tax base.
The union association will demand a 6 percent drop in the rate of VAT on basic goods and services, such as electricity and gas, food, clothing and footwear, hygiene products and cultural goods.
The taxation of financial transactions, the taxation of movable assets and the increase in the taxation of high-value real estate and the end of tax havens are areas also included in the CGTP’s demands.
The CGTP also advocates a policy of reducing inequalities, a programme to combat poverty and improve unemployment protection and social benefits.
It also demands putting the age of retirement back to 65 and the possibility of retirement without penalty for those who have worked and paid contributions for at least 40 years.
Respect for workers’ rights, effective intervention by the Authority for Working Conditions, a 35-hour working week for all workers, an end to job insecurity and an improvement in labour laws complete the range of demands that the CGTP will present to the government and defend in future negotiations.


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