‘Churchill – The Musical’ brings the house down

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After the red-carpet world premiere of ‘Churchill – The Musical’ was held last Friday the word quickly got about town that it was indeed one of the best theatre productions to grace the stages of the Algarve. Opinions vary as to whether it kept its promise of bringing ‘West End and Broadway standards to the Algarve’, but there is no doubt that it certainly tried.

As with any opening night there were a few glitches in the premiere performance of Churchill, though nothing too noticeable. The entire show was performed with the professionalism of seasoned stars and the dancing was fantastic.
The curtain goes up with Churchill (Jonathan Reynolds) managing exactly the right voice, on a beach, questioning whether his maker was ready to meet him.
The scene then changes to the wedding between Churchill and Clementine (Sarah Pryde) and as the plot progresses, we see Churchill, ably assisted by his Aide, Percy (Oliver Lanford), becoming more and more concerned about the situation in Europe, his consequent appointment to Prime Minister, his depression as country after country in Europe is overthrown and his feeling of helplessness at the great loss of life. We then see America joining forces leading to the ultimate victory over Hitler and the closing scene with Churchill back on the same beach, being joined by Clemmie and the colourful cast.
‘Churchill’ co-creators Derek Charles-Ash and Trevor Holman have managed to incorporate, along with the excellent music and lyrics, a unique mixture of history, nostalgia, patriotism and humour; the affectionate relationship between the good living Winston and long suffering Clemmie, the Cabinet War Room, Bletchley Park, the ever optimistic Anne Frank (Jade Willis), Hyde Park, Bethnel Green underground station with Doris and the slightly deaf Alf Chivers, the Oval Office, Lady Astor on the receiving end of Churchill’s sharp wit.
The beautifully composed and well rendered songs included The Best Thing, sung by the newly weds, He’s the Man sung by Percy, That’s what I Believe by Anne Frank, Men of Destiny by Clemmie and Eleanor Roosevelt and The Unknown Warriors by members of the Allied Nations. Not to be overlooked was the excellent and much too short performance of the Lindy Hop given by dance troupe Swing Extreme (Hannah Flynn, Lana Williams, Lisa Clarke, Dan Holmes, Darren Bailey and Mike Jagger).
Overall, an extremely enjoyable performance.


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