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18 November 2017
Edition: 1450

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Country worse now than before revolution, survey finds

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A staggering part of the Portuguese population claims to be suspicious of the country’s present political powers, and consider themselves poorly informed about the country’s development over the past decade.

This has led the majority to conclude the country is worse-off now than what it was prior to the ‘Carnation Revolution’, which took place on 25 April 1974 and freed the country from Salazar’s authoritarian dictatorship regime.
These were the clear results of a survey carried out by the Farol Project, for which 1,002 people were interviewed.
A massive 92 percent of those questioned for the survey said they were suspicious or trusted ‘very little’ the Portuguese political scene; 89 percent said they were wary of the country’s political parties, 84 percent said they distrusted Portugal’s parliament, and 90 percent is mistrusting of the government.
And, when asked for a current diagnosis of the country, 46 percent of interviewees said they thought Portugal’s present economic and social conditions were “worse” or “much worse compared to 40 years ago.”
When compared to the more recent past, 58 percent replied they thought the situation at present is “worse” or “much worse” than before Portugal became part of the EU.
The respondents were also pessimistic about the next decade, with 53 percent believing the economic situation is going to “worsen” or “significantly worsen.”
Upon learning of the survey’s results Belmiro de Azevedo, head of retail group Sonae, who also participated in the study, said “the sample [of interviewees] is made up of people who are scared.”
He criticized the country’s politicians, saying “Lets leave electoral and political folklore alone and lets get down to some serious work.”


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Edition 1450
18 November 2017
Edition: 1450

Read this week's issue online exactly as it appears in print.



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