The Right Juice gains momentum

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The Right Juice gains momentum

The team behind the Algarve-based low budget indie film ‘The Right Juice’ have revealed one of the main actors and a few key film locations among other teasing details while also appealing for continued investments, during its first public presentation held last week in Portimão.

Film director Kristjan Knigge and co-producer Chris Parker flew to the Algarve from Holland to give the presentation at the Portimão Municipal Museum auditorium on 13 December.
One of the main revelations of the evening is that actor Beau McLellan has been handed the role of Andreus, the ‘bad guy’ in the film.
“He has made a very big name for himself in the design world, and used to be a musician and an actor. His life and business are here in Loulé, in the Algarve” film producer Barbara (BJ) Boulter told The Portugal News.
She also revealed that young resident “Jessica Mota has been cast as the ‘best friend’ of whichever actress plays the Portuguese lead girl.”
A couple of big names have also been approached by the team for key roles in the production.
Portuguese Hollywood star Joaquim de Almeida is reportedly considering a role in the film, having read the script and “made some suggestions for improvements.”
According to the team, he is intrigued by the offer to play a character that is different to what he is normally does, although his possible involvement in The Right Juice will be subject to scheduling and other factors.
During the presentation, Kristjan showcased clips of his and BJ’s film and production work including adverts for Peugeot and Bayer aspirin, while regaling the audience with fascinating stories of how they were all made.
The aim of this exercise was to give the audience and potential investors a feel for the style of filming that will be involved in The Right Juice and show the team’s ability to make a high impact with minimum cost.
Chris Parker then took to the stage to reveal some of the key points of the storyline and appeal for funding from companies and individuals.
Scriptwriting has been led by David Butler Cole and Kristjan Knigge, with full involvement from local writers Lisa Selvidge and Jan Russell.
The Right Juice tells the story of a young English character, Oliver Fellows, who after being hit hard by a London stock market crash decides to travel to the Algarve, where he buys a plot of land and decides to try his hand at the good life.
However, among the plot twists, events take a dramatic turn when he discovers oil on his land, instead of water.
“Overall, the estimated budget for film is between €500,000 and €850,000, which will be financed in various ways,” said Mr Parker, adding that it is hoped cash financing will make up 35 percent of the budget (between €200,000 and €300,000), 20 percent from sponsorships of goods and services and 45 percent with cast and crew deferments.
“The cast and crew will be paid on deferment, so essentially they will only receive a small amount as a living allowance when the film is made” and their fees will come from sales of the film, said Chris Parker.
“The film is so far funded and produced by local people and businesses. It is a huge and creative undertaking, dependant on the co-operative spirit that is so much an essence of this region,” he added.
Although the team hope the film will do well and revealed a plan for how profits will be shared, they were realistic about the possibility that the film may not make any profit at all.
Aside from the appeal for funding, a variety of props and equipment are also needed to keep filming costs down.
These include a truck full of oranges, water and beverages to fuel the cast and crew, fuel for vehicles, vehicles themselves to be lent, such as motorcycles, van and motor homes and much more.
“We are planning to start filming in the spring of 2012, but the story is based in summer and it is also about oranges. With props and clever filming we may even have to tie some oranges to trees as spring is not orange season,” said Kristjan Knigge.
A proposed schedule for the film was revealed during the presentation, which includes making the entire film during 2012, with its inclusion in renowned film festivals such as the Sundance and Rotterdam film festivals and sales during 2013.
Meanwhile, the project is attracting more and more interest from the public and professionals.
Marine conservation and entertainment park Zoomarine is opening its doors for parts of the production to be filmed there, while one of the main actresses will also be given the opportunity to work alongside the dolphin trainers to prepare for her role.
Renowned Portuguese actress, model and presenter Claudia Vieira is considering the role although her participation is not yet confirmed.
Hair dressing franchise Victor Picardo have also joined in and become official sponsors to the project, while luxury Porches-based five star resort Vila Vita Parc has agreed to be one of the filming locations and will host a number of cast and crew during production.
The Right Juice is also backed by the ERTA, the councils of Portimão and Silves, and the Algarve Film Commission, among others.
Portuguese PHD student, Marisa Serrenho also approached the producers to include the entire project as part of her research into the impact of films on a country or region’s tourism.
During her speech, she cited positive examples such as the 300 percent increase in tourism for Scotland, the year after the release of the film Braveheart.
Overall, the team hopes this project will become a springboard for the film industry to take off in the Algarve and Portugal as a whole.
For more information about The Right Juice, visit their website at:, or see their Facebook page.


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