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21 April 2018
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Drª Filomena Ramilo talks business, in English

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The organiser and main speaker of the ‘Doing business in Portugal seminar in English’ Drª Filomena Ramilo, chartered accountant and tax adviser, was greatly received by the 50-plus business owners that flocked to the Hotel Vila Galé Nautico hotel last week to hear her advice on doing business in Portugal and how to cope with the Portuguese tax system.

Whilst these subjects are not the simplest subjects to tackle in any country, let alone in a foreign one, it is an evident need to have someone clearly explain all the clauses and loop-holes of the system, in English.
And that is what Drª Filomena has been doing for more than a decade.
“These seminars are extremely important to alert business owners to the importance of legalising their businesses and gaining a basic insight to the various areas concerning the Portuguese business and tax systems”, Drª Filomena explained.
“Learning that there are more ways than one to legalise a business, their trades, and the different regimes that you can opt for are, but a few important issues that the business men and women need to know about.
IRS, IVA, and knowing the difference between IMTTAX and taxations in your own name are others. It is also very important for these entrepreneurs to learn the correct requirements to legally internally organise a business, as to recognise the different case scenarios for tax exemption, for residents and non-residents. I try to explain everything in maximum detail”, Drª Filomena continued.
Drª Filomena initiated her career as a public speaker in 1990, when the Algarve businesswoman’s interactive group ‘NetWork’ was established. She travels every month to the Algarve to provide information and support on such subjects, also being a member of the highly successful accountancy and tax-advising firm Granja Lda, based in Sintra.
Drª Filomena, who personal favourite topics include government subsidies for employees, personal recruiting, habilitation programmes, social security taxes and cases of exemption, and increments for personal property, was accompanied by four other acclaimed and experienced speakers in her quest to better-inform foreign business-owners of legal business requirements, amongst which was lawyer Drª Alice Ferreira. Speaking of labour laws, workers’ rights and duties, different contracts, and the hidden dangers within contracts, Drª Alice contributed significantly to the overall explanation of the Portuguese business and taxation system.
Guest speaker lawyer Dr. Serra Jorge provided essential explanations concerning offshore and non-resident situations, whilst economist Dr. Jorge Scharfhausen gave in-depth talks on the importance of professional training – something whish in 2006 is accordingly to become a legal requirement.
“It is very gratifying to be able to provide such essential information” said Drª. Filomena, “the seminars always go very well and it makes me very happy as I feel they are useful to businesses”.
Drª Filomena Ramilo and Drª Alice Ferreira will be returning to the Algarve to give another planned seminar, this time aimed at property management and civil construction companies.
“It is vital for those who take it upon themselves to pay certain debts and make payments for others through their own bank accounts, without the proper paperwork and training in doing so, to learn the hidden dangers in making such transactions for others through their own accounts”, Drª Alice explained. “I would like to teach people how to do this legally and safely”.
The correct organisation and presentation of documentation for the accountants is another topic that the duo will tackle.
“I love being constantly up-to-date with all the latest legal and fiscal requirements, and I feel as though I am helping in a very positive way, so that entrepreneurs can carry out their business in a safe and assured way, complying steadfastly with all legal requirements and the Portuguese law”, concluded Drª. Filomena.
The ‘Doing business in Portugal and how to cope with the Portuguese tax system’ seminar in English was undoubtedly a success and completely sold out, a pleasant surprise for the organisers who were unsure of what to expect.
For those attending, the seminar proved essential.
Businesswoman Carolien van Leusden had this to say: “For about 15 years I have been a Big Fan of Drª Filomena Ramilho, ever since her 1st Seminar for Network. It was a great pleasure to be able to join her again this week. It was very much appreciated to receive the updated detailed information about the financial side and new laws, and listen to the lawyers about the Labor Laws and Off Shore
Company structures”. A view shared and echoed by all present.
For more information or upcoming seminar dates, contact Drª Filomena Ramilo/Granja on: gce@mail.telepac.pt, or call: (+351) 21 923 91 90.
Drª Alice Ferreira can also be contacted on: (+351) 21 792 80 20, or e-mail: apacoferreira@net.novis.pt.


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Edition 1471
21 April 2018
Edition: 1471

Read this week's issue online exactly as it appears in print.



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