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20 October 2018
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Weekend storms – Portugal under repair

by TPN/Lusa, in News · 17-01-2013 09:32:00 · 7 Comments

Portugal was still picking up the pieces on Monday from a major storm, which hit Portugal on Saturday, damaged greenhouses across the countries, cut power to hundreds of thousands of homes and left many flights on the ground.

Weekend storms – Portugal under repair


The Portuguese junior agriculture minister said that an assessment of the damage caused by the weekend’s gales and heavy rain would begin Monday.


Ten hectares of greenhouses were completely destroyed near Caldas da Rainha with losses of over €1 million and 80 jobs are now at risk.


“Plastic, metal structures, irrigation and power system were all blown away”, Sérgio Constantino, the owner of the greenhouses told Lusa News Agency.


The ten hectares produced 800 tons of strawberries last year.


Power utility EDP said its high and medium voltage networks would be stabilised Monday after damage to about 11,000 km of cables and 20 substations in the centre of the country were offline.


The next step, the president of EDP Distribuição, the customer supply company said, would be reconnecting the individual low voltage users.


Tourist attractions around Sintra, a few miles from Lisbon, were closed Monday after some 2,000 trees were blown down in Saturday’s storm.


Access to Pena and Monserrate palaces should reopen Tuesday while the Moors Castle and Capuchos Convent are only expected to be accessible Wednesday.


Many flights were cancelled from Lisbon because of the weather conditions but now Lisbon is out of the worst, the north of Europe, especially Paris and London are now suffering from snow and flights are still being cancelled or delayed.



Im trying to contact a friend there, are the phones down too?
by Amanda from UK on 07-01-2014 02:00:00
have a daughter living there hope she is fine and her husband
peace and prayers to all
by joan blacquier from Other on 22-01-2013 06:10:00
é normal
by Ronnie from Beiras on 22-01-2013 11:26:00
Crikey! Whats going on with Portugals weather? Have we decided, to late, to move for a better climate? When we were there last there was a Tornado and now this?
by Phil Austin from UK on 22-01-2013 10:25:00
The press is not reporting the full extend of the situation here in Central Portugal. I am in the Aveiro region specifically in Ilhavo and the situation while nothing like Sandy is still rather grim. The issue is not just the damage inflicted by the storm itself but the lack of preparedness by EDP(power company) and PT(telecom) to bring power to many areas. We have been and remain without power since Saturday. Estimates by the part of EDP is that only by late this week will "most" of the power get restored which translated into real world terms is that it will take well over a week or more to recover full power across the grid. We have had to turn off all power to the house as rolling outages and huge surges in power have already damage several electrical appliances and other equipment.

At our farm house the roof blew off and entire 400 foot retaining wall collapsed.

Doesn't seem like its really that bad but you have to remember this is Portugal and infrastructure as well as most public services like police, fire departments and other services are under the best of circumstances inadequate. Neighbors are helping each other but the eldest suffer the lack of essential aid and the youngest are without financial resources(thanks to the Troika and their austerity measures) to repair damages. Most people can't afford insurance so matters have just been made worse for those already marginalized.

Its really troubling to see this unfold. If you have friend or family here, call them and help however you can.

Blessing to all.
by Cesar Araujo from Other on 21-01-2013 05:09:00
just heard the update: devastating results from last night's huge storm: much of Portugal suffering a power loss. Shades of Sandy?
Pray for Portugal!
by celia from USA on 20-01-2013 06:02:00
by lucas. from USA on 19-01-2013 01:38:00

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Edition 1497
20 October 2018
Edition: 1497

Read this week's issue online exactly as it appears in print.



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