However, the average duration of judicial proceedings in corruption cases fell from 377 days in 2021 to 247 in 2022, which places Portugal in 11th place among Member States in this point of justice efficiency.

Regarding the efficiency of judicial services, one of the indicators analysed is the duration of administrative proceedings and, in this area, Portugal is the fourth worst EU Member State, with a total of 747 days for the first instance, 1,064 for the second, and 300 for the third, based on data from 2022.

In this category, the number of days that processes take in the first instance was reduced by 45 days compared to 2021, but in the second instance, they increased by 228 in the second and 39 in the third, which made Portugal lose its position in the table of 27 Member States, given that the order is determined by the instance with the longest procedures.

Cyprus, Greece, and Malta are, in this order, the three least efficient in terms of the duration of court proceedings.

In the use of digital technology by courts and Public Prosecutor's Office services, which falls into the category of quality of justice, Portugal comes in fourth place in the table.

The assessment of the independence of Portuguese justice systems by the inhabitants, evaluated by a Eurobarometer survey, places the country in 15th position.