OLX indicates that since the beginning of the year it has seen “a price increase in most categories”, in the order of 20%, compared to the same period last year, “which means that inflation is also affecting the resale market”. This trend was felt most in “mobile phones and tablets”, with the average price increasing by around €80”, which represents an increase of 37%, the online commerce company said, in response to the ECO.

This is followed by the category of “cars, motorcycles and boats”, with the average price becoming “about €640 more expensive since the beginning of the year”.

Like OLX, BabyLoop, a platform for buying and selling second-hand baby items, feels that there is “a greater receptivity from customers” when it comes to second-hand items, since this option helps “to circumvent difficulties caused by inflation”, says Gustavo Alves, the company's E-commerce director, to ECO.

Selling for extra income

In addition, they find that “there are more people wanting to sell products on BabyLoop”, in order to “get extra income” in the current economic climate. This trend began to gain strength in early September on the ride of “back to school and to coincide with a time when families have increased expenses”, justifies the online commerce company, to ECO. And it is mostly felt in childcare products, such as car seats, cribs and strollers, since “they are more expensive products”, allowing people to recover part of the investment made with the purchase.