According to a report by ECO, the State Budget for 2023 (OE2023) will reinforce restrictions on local accommodation activity. The Socialist Party proposes to extend the limitation of new licenses in areas considered to be under pressure until the end of next year.

“Considering that the procedure for amending the regulation, which must regulate and justify the creation of containment areas for new local establishments, is demanding from the point of view of complying with all formalities and that the treatment and analysis of the definitive results of the 2021 census are essential to carry out the evaluation of the same, the period of 1 year may appear to be insufficient for its effectiveness and due consideration”, justifies the parliamentary bench of the PS.

Also, in relation to local accommodation, according to the PS amendment proposal, the Government will authorise the councils, under deliberation of the municipal assembly, to define an “increase of up to 100% of the IMI rate” for real estate involved in this activity “in areas of urban pressure”.