“Quake was the only Portuguese experience to be chosen among all the winners, from a list that includes amusements in theme parks such as “Walt Disney World”, in Orlando, or even “Universal Studios Beijing”, in China”, highlights the museum space dedicated to the 1755 earthquake, which opened in Belém, in April of this year.

For Ricardo Clemente and Maria Marques, founders of Quake, the prize awarded to the museum space dedicated to the 1755 earthquake confirms that “this project was worth it”, as well as the importance of highlighting Portugal’s historical past and heritage.

“Having our experience placed alongside such renowned names in the entertainment area as Walt Disney World or even Universal Studios parks is proof that entertainment can take different forms and that historical events, especially in our country, they can also give rise to attractions of international relevance. This has also been our ambition – to take the good work being done in Portugal across borders, in the dissemination of such an important part of our past and heritage”.

The award will be presented to Quake during a gala taking place next year in Anaheim, California, USA.