According to Lusa, the occurrences recorded around 23:00 on 4 December, were "mainly small floods and damage to public roads", following periods of rain that increased in the late afternoon in the southern region of the country.

The Civil Protection had issued a warning to the population in mid-afternoon, valid until Monday, with forecasts of precipitation and wind in the south of the country, warning of the possibility of flooding in urban areas, floods, and landslides.

For Monday, the forecasts are for “periods of rain or showers, more frequent and intense in the South region, with the possibility of thunderstorms”.

“The conditions for the occurrence of more intense precipitation are highlighted, with an accumulation of between 10 and 20 mm/1h. The most critical period will be between 00:00 and 15:00 on December 5th, in the districts of Faro and Beja, as well as the possibility of extreme wind events”, warned the Civil Protection.