According to the consumer protection association, fish and dairy products are the categories with the biggest increases between February 23 and December 7.

Deco has been monitoring the prices of 63 essential food products on a weekly basis, which include goods such as turkey, chicken, hake, horse mackerel, chicken, carrots, potatoes, rice, spaghetti or milk.

A basket with this set of foods currently costs 219.07 euros, when on February 23 the same products cost 183.63 euros, an increase of more than 35 euros or 19.3% in the space of 10 months.

In an analysis of the product categories with the highest price increases, fish (22.64%), dairy products (22.1%) and meat (21.12%) stand out. Among the 63 goods in the food basket, the three whose cost rose the most were fresh hake (up 83%), tomato pulp (60%) and carolino rice (55%).

The costs of energy and cereals for human and animal consumption – we import 80% of our needs – largely explain, according to Deco, the persistent rise in food prices for consumers.