“This department is going to be for transparency and prevention of corruption in Lisbon, and I want it to be an example, not only in Lisbon, but for the whole country, and also a European example”, said the PSD mayor.

Carlos Moedas was speaking at the opening of a debate on “How to implement Transparency and Prevention of Corruption in Lisbon City Council?”, which took place at Teatro Aberto, with the participation of the councillor for Urbanism and Transparency and Fight against Corruption, Joana Almeida (independent party elected by the “Novos Tempos” coalition PSD/CDS-PP/MPT/PPM/Aliança).

At the end of the speech, in statements to journalists, the mayor of Lisbon highlighted the importance of this conference on corruption prevention.

“We are going through a very difficult time with Europe. I am very sad to see this situation in the European Parliament. The European Parliament, too, was my home. A situation like this of corruption, we have to fight it at all levels, and the first level is the municipal level, and the Lisbon City Council is going to, for the first time, launch a department for the prevention of corruption and transparency. It is the first time that this will exist in Lisbon and, therefore, it is a moment to be noted”, he declared.

Earlier, during the speech of about 20 minutes, Carlos Moedas classified as “a scandal” what allegedly happened in the house of European democracy.

“This goes back to showing what I always said as a politician, which is the permeability that we have today in institutions to corruption”, said the mayor, referring that this scandal joins so many others, “that have destroyed the country, [...] that involve prime ministers, ministers, deputies, mayors”.