“Forget the minimal Christmas table design,” says Alysha Alli, head of interiors at Redrow. “Bringing a slice of your personality to the table will ensure you stand out.”

Indeed, styling up your table setting is a surefire way to showcase your festive flair – especially if you’re looking for some wow factor when hosting family and friends.

“Incorporating hints of a more personal palette creates a much more authentic look, with a contemporary edge on the classic Christmas,” suggests Alli.

When it comes to creating your look, she says blending luxurious fabrics like green velvet with rich comforting textures such as red linens, or using dried botanicals with open constructions for an organic look is on trend this year.

“Pairing these with contemporary finishes like mixed metallics can exude a ‘perfectly imperfect’ finish for an understated classical Christmas look,” she adds.

No stress

And for peace of mind – especially if you’re a newbie to theming your tableware and dinner setting – Wendy Rea, expert florist at Direct2Florist, says creating a luxurious tablescape display for Christmas that looks professionally done doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive.

“The first thing you need to decide on is your theme, like traditional or modern, and then your colour scheme,” suggests Rea.

Once you’ve decided on the theme, she says to pick three to four key colours you want to incorporate throughout the display.

“I’ve gone with the traditional Christmas theme, so I’ve stuck to red, green, white and gold, which matches the flowers and foliage I’ve chosen to use,” notes Rea.

“This helps to keep the display looking effortless and seamless, but striking as well.”

“I’d always suggest using either gold, silver or bronze alongside your other colours, to glitz things up a bit,” Rea adds.

A touch of glamour

Alli agrees – especially if you want to lean into the glam.

“If you fancy a touch of glamour, incorporating eye-catching and ornate designs such as metallics, diamonds or geometrics, will elevate your table from the crowd,” she says.

You don’t have to get exact matching sets throughout. While this may be a simple fast track to creating a seamlessly themed tablescape, there are lots of ways you can get creative.

Little details – like napkins, ribbons, crackers and flowers – can be pulled in for colourful accents.

Tree decorations can be a wonderful way to add interest and pops of personality to your setting, too.

Whether you want to create a more elaborate centrepiece or keep it simple by popping a bauble atop each plate, it’s all about injecting some style.

Alli also suggests exploring different textiles and finishes.

“Tactile finishes stand out,” she says, “so look for different materials, like felt and velvet for an indulgent feeling.

“Table dressings combined with colourful accessories like nutcracker candles will also help create a celebratory mood.

“Tinted glass decorations and using tabletop LED lighting or candle holders also add a warm ambience to your table,” notes Alli.

Rea says to dot these around your foliage and flowers to complete the centrepiece. “This is your chance to be really creative. A floral display that’s fresh, dried, or both is usually what professionals often opt for.

Final flourish

For the final flourish, when it comes to arranging stemware for the table, Hilary Green, head of design at Dartington Crystal, says positioning is key.

“Creating a stunning festive table setting has become one of the biggest Christmas trends in recent years,” observes Green.

“Festive decorations and beautiful crockery usually take the most attention,” she continues. “However, drinkware provides the finishing touch and, like everything else on the table, requires careful consideration.”

When selecting drinkware for the table, Green says to only include glasses guests require for both the starter and main courses, such as a water glass, red and white wine glass, and champagne flute or saucer.

And once you’ve cracked the tablescaping code, Alli suggests making the most of this opportunity to draw on joyful and whimsical decorations to make your home feel fresh for a few weeks.

“Have fun with your palette,” enthuses Alli. “And don’t be afraid to stretch the home décor boundaries!”