In a statement, the GNR states that the second phase of the operation will run until Monday with “coordinated patrolling, inspection and awareness-raising actions, aimed at travel related to the New Year period”.

During this period, the GNR will be “particularly attentive” to risk behaviours of drivers, namely excessive speed, dangerous maneuvers, use of mobile phone while driving, correct circulation in the lane farthest to the right on motorways, as well as the use of seat belts and child seats.

The GNR advises drivers to carefully plan their journeys, avoiding periods of the day where the highest traffic intensity is expected, make stops to rest, adjust their speed to weather conditions, the state of the road and the volume of road traffic, and the adoption of attentive, cautious and defensive driving.

In the first phase of the operation, which took place between December 22nd and 26th, the GNR registered 867 accidents, which caused eight deaths, 12 serious injuries, and 199 minor injuries, in addition to having arrested more than 100 drivers for having blood alcohol levels considered criminal.

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