The tourism and leisure sector, with 20,773 registrations on the platform, is fourth among the most complained about, but it is the one that has seen the biggest increase, of 117.65% compared to 2021.

As in the past year, TAP appears as the most referenced in contacts to the Reclamar platform, says Deco Proteste, with a peak in contacts during the holiday period, motivated essentially by flight delays and cancellations, overbooking, and baggage losses.

In total, the platform registered between January and the 27th of December, 280,182 contacts, when in 2021 it had registered 300,721 contacts.

Electronic communications were once again the leading sector for complaints, with failures in coverage, lower internet speed than contracted, and penalties for switching providers being the most frequent complaints, among other reasons.

"As in 2021, MEO, NOS, and Vodafone lead the way in the complaints filed, with a total of 37,885 contacts throughout the year", informs Deco/Proteste.

After telecommunications, which increased by 19.8% compared to 2021, consumer goods registered 36,971 cases on the platform, 57.1% more than in 2021, mainly due to defective goods and guarantees, non-compliance between what was announced and reality or difficulties in online shopping.

In third place among the most complained about are financial services, with 31,985 contacts, 52.7% more than in 2021, with the main reason for complaints being increases in bank fees and the difficulty in interpreting contractual clauses.

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