Work is underway to build the new Circular line of the Metropolitano de Lisboa. In practice, the Green line will replace a large part of the Yellow line, between Campo Grande and Rato stations, connecting to Cais do Sodré through the creation of two new stations: Estrela and Santos.

Metro de Lisboa recently shared on Twitter an image showing progress in the work: the end of the tunnel that will serve Santos station in the future.

The work is expected to cost around 331.4 million euros (it was initially budgeted at 210 million euros) and its conclusion is expected in 2024. In turn, and once the works are completed, the Yellow line will be reduced to the route between Telheiras and Odivelas, being connected to the rest of the metro network only at Campo Grande station.

Already in December of last year, Metro de Lisboa had resorted to Twitter to show Internet users the progress made in the creation of the Circular line. At that time, they showed images of the tunnel that will connect with the future Estrela station.