A table with a 150-metre-long bolo-rei will fill the street and everyone who passes by will be able to taste this delicacy, for free, made by the Loulé Doce pastry shop.

110 kg of flour, 100 kg of candied fruit for decoration, 50 kg of chopped candied fruit, 50 kg of dried fruit (sultanas, almonds, figs, and walnuts), 22 kg of eggs (38 dozen), 22 kg of sugar, 14 kg of margarine, 2 kg of flavoring drinks, 1.6 kg of salt and 1.6 kg of yeast are the ingredients of this cake.

“The bolo-rei represents the gifts that the three Wise Men gave to Baby Jesus at his birth: the crust symbolizes gold; candied and dried fruits represent myrrh, and the aroma of the cake symbolizes the incense. In Loulé, this tradition is still very much alive and the Municipality of Loulé wants to share it with its residents and all the tourists who are here at this time of year”, said a spokesman from the municipality.

The event is free and each person is also able to have a piece of cake for free.