“On just two days in December (between 8 pm and midnight on the 7th and between midnight and 6 am on the 13th) 15% of the total annual rainfall in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon fell”, states a press release from the AML, adding that the average accumulated rainfall in December corresponded to 42% of last year's total.

“In 2022 it rained in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon 681.69 mm (accumulated average value) in 100 days (265 days did not register any precipitation)”, says the press release, adding that the month of December “was very rainy” in AML.

The information released by the AML based on the collection and processing of data from the 18 meteorological stations in the metropolitan region, in comparison with data from previous years from the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA), also mentions that the municipality of Odivelas registered the highest mean accumulated annual precipitation (900 mm).

The municipality of Seixal, according to the AML, recorded “the highest average daily value, with 109.60 mm, on December 13, which corresponded to 15% of the total precipitation for the year 2022 in that municipality”.

Despite last December's rain, AML points out that the comparison of the annual average of precipitation accumulated in 2022 in the 18 meteorological stations of the CLIMA/AML project with an average of 30 years (1971-2000) allows to conclude that the year 2022 had “18% less precipitation” than the average for those 30 years (1971-2000).

With regard to temperature, the AML, based on preliminary data from the IPMA, says that “2022 was the hottest in Portugal since 1931”, the year that meteorological records from that institute began.

According to data from the 18 meteorological stations, the average annual temperature in the AML in 2022 was 17.56 degrees centigrade, one more degree centigrade above the national average in 2022 (16.6 degrees centigrade), and the maximum temperature recorded in the region was 43.33 degrees centigrade, on July 13, in Alcochete.

The AML also mentions that the municipality of Barreiro had the highest average annual temperature - 18.13 degrees centigrade - and that the lowest accumulated annual average temperature, 16.32 degrees, was recorded in Sintra.