I became a travel professional out of necessity after seeing how the luxury rental market worldwide is more like the wild west frontier, and I believe my own advice; trusting a well-reputed agency who’s largest source of income is from repeat guests and whose teams have been trained in home inspections and hospitality is for me as important as looking for a well-qualified dentist with years of experience to pull out my wisdom teeth! (No DIY here!)

Tripwix, a luxury rental property management, and real estate company, delivers on its promise to provide selective homeowners with great guests in addition to a very healthy return on investment. At the same time, Tripwix guarantees its guests that each selected home has been inspected by a professional with interior design or hotel management background. And the icing on the top is the local ‘’friend-of-a-friend ambassador, always there to greet you on arrival in addition to taking care of every detail of your stay. An old-fashioned concept in a hard-to-know-who-to-trust technological world.

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Winner of 2022 Luxury Lifestyle award for Best Villas in Portugal.

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by Lisa Bruno - Co-Founder of Tripwix Vacation Rentals, a Lisbon based, international luxury rental and property management agency offering a bespoke service to guests and homeowners.