“The results recorded in 2022 demonstrate Glovo's commitment to the Portuguese market. This is the second consecutive year where we have made a very strong investment. And with visible results, as seen in the turnover of 200 million euros recorded in the last year”, says Joaquín Vázquez, general manager of Glovo Portugal.

After a global growth of between 30-40% in its turnover last year, to 200 million, the platform is preparing to increase its investment in Portugal from around 40 million to more than 50 million euros, with the goal of making the Glovo application “as accessible as possible for users, with low delivery rates and a greater focus on Glovo Prime,” according to a report by ECO.

Currently present in 132 locations, covering more than 70% of the Portuguese population, this year the platform is also committed to expanding the business, with the entry into five new cities.

In Portugal, Glovo has more than 11,000 active partners, most of them small and medium-sized companies.