The Portuguese Space Agency (Portugal Space) has resumed the initiative which allows dozens of young people to board a zero gravity flight and experience what astronauts feel.

In the first edition, almost 500 young people applied, of which only 30 were selected.

“This year, Portugal Space foresees an increase in the number of students interested in participating in a program of enormous relevance”, adds the MCTES in a statement.

In September last year, 30 young people experienced the sensation of zero gravity on a parabolic flight, the first in Portugal, aboard a plane departing from the Beja Air Base.

The initiative by the Portuguese space agency brought together students between the ages of 14 and 18 selected after several eliminatory tests.

Last year, the flight chartered by Portugal Space was made by an Airbus A310 plane, which simulated the absence of gravity that exists in space from ascension and free-fall maneuvers (parabolas) performed by the aircraft that allow passengers to float in the inside in cycles of about 20 to 25 seconds.