"We are going to analyse other options that, however, have already reached us as proposals [...] and the resolution of the Council of Ministers foresaw this, that we decided which other proposals we would analyze and, therefore, we will analyze it too, at least Alverca and Beja, which have already arrived", said professor Rosário Macário, who is part of the CTI that will carry out the strategic environmental assessment for the airport expansion in the Lisbon region.

The CTI has Professor Rosário Partidário as its general coordinator and has a team of six technical coordinators, including university professor Rosário Macário, specialist in Planning and Operation of Transport Systems, who was responsible for coordinating the area of airport planning.

Created at the end of last year, the CTI, located at the National Civil Engineering Laboratory (LNEC), in Lisbon, is currently listening to "all entities relevant to the subject", in order to arrive at a set of criteria that "will serve to analyze the various hypotheses", explained Rosário Macário.

The Council of Ministers resolution approved last year defined the constitution of a CTI to analyze five hypotheses for the Lisbon airport solution (Portela + Montijo; Montijo + Portela; Alcochete; Portela + Santarém; Santarém), but provided that other options could be added.

According to the technical coordinator, in the next few weeks the proponents of all the alternatives will present the projects in detail to the CTI and the Follow-up Commission, led by the engineer Carlos Mineiro Aires.

"By the end of March, we will carry out the first evaluation and, therefore, the first phase will end in April and from April there will be no more proposals", highlighted Rosário Macário.