The subsidiary DHL Express is to expand its terminal in operation at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, representing an investment budgeted at €25 million.

“The expansion of the Porto airport terminal is, without a doubt, a big bet for DHL Express Portugal. At a time when it is essential to support Portuguese companies in their export and internationalisation processes, we reinforce our installed capacity in one of the main outlets for their products around the world”, highlights the company’s general director, José António Reis, and reported by ECO.

The German company will triple the area of the building to 10,983 square metres, being able to more than double imports to 6,000 pieces per hour and quadruple exports to 5,000 articles per hour. The building will be covered with solar panels and there will be “maximisation of the use of natural lighting and natural ventilation systems”. The unit currently has more than 200 workers.

DHL Express Portugal also plans to move forward with the construction of the express cargo terminal at Humberto Delgado airport, in an investment of more than 50 million euros.