In a statement, the Executive explains that this measure aims to modernise the sector and respond to customer needs.

"This proposed law intends, on the one hand, to introduce reforms in the activity of this sector that allow an effective modernisation and, on the other hand, to respond to the needs of consumers and society, to technological and organisational developments, as well as to environmental challenges of climate change and decarbonisation".

It is worth remembering that the Government has postponed for this year the changes to the specific laws that govern the activity of taxis and TVDE - Individual and Remunerated Passenger Transport in Uncharacterized Vehicles from an Electronic Platform, such as Uber.

In July 2020, the executive created a working group composed of 13 entities linked to the sector and transport for the modernization of the taxi sector, focused on quotas, digitization, and tariffs.

The working group's report recognized that the taxi "is a public service", differentiating it from other specific segments of the passenger transport market in light vehicles.