"We will see. It depends on all of us," considered the head of state, who was speaking to journalists during a visit to the Centro Social Polivalente de São Cristóvão e São Lourenço, in Lisbon, to mark World Health Day.

Asked about the data on the evolution of Covid-19 in Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa reiterated that "April is a decisive month" and stressed that "there is a part that goes through people, what people do, the type of conviviality they have, the creation or not of conditions for the deconfinement to be smooth and progressive".

Then he said that "next week there will be another moment of reflection on the renewal of the state of emergency and, therefore, there will be an epidemiological session and there will be a hearing of the political parties and there will be a decision on this renewal".

"If you ask me what I would want most, I would want it to be the last renewal of the state of emergency, coinciding with the end of April. Truly, it was my wish and I think it is the wish of all Portuguese people," he said.

The President of the Republic decreed the state of emergency for the 14th time in the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic on 25 March, with effect from 1 to 15 April. A next renewal for another 15 days will take effect between 16 and 30 April.

"Next week we have more numbers and we'll see if it goes well until that decision point and then if it goes well the next 15 days, because that would mean April would go well and we could go into May on another wave, a good wave - not a fourth negative wave, it was a good wave, a positive wave. We'll see," he added.