Our first reaction was to get food to these families as soon as possible and for this reason we launched our food appeal, collecting food at a variety of points across the Algarve and accepting donations as offered.

To date we estimate that we have supported approaching 6,000 people including adults and children. These have ranged from those who needed a one-off supply of food to see them through a few weeks whilst they organised alternative supplies, to those who have required a weekly/fortnightly supply throughout this very difficult period.

As well as providing food we also opened, temporarily, a non-food hub in Odiaxere distributing clothes, bedding, baby equipment and so much more. Everything was donated and given free of charge. Unfortunately, we had to vacate the premises when the club re opened but we remain very grateful for the time we spent there.

Anybody can become a volunteer with the Algarve Network for Families in Need. Help is needed across all areas particularly to work with non-food items - donations of clothes, household items etc. Flexibility is required as it’s not a situation where volunteers have set hours of work each week - it is very much an ‘as and when’ role responding to families as needs arise. We particularly need people who are able to transport items from one area to another either short or longer distances and anybody with a large vehicle to use would be welcome with open arms! Some volunteers combine this task with their travel to and from work thus reducing overall mileage which has to be a good thing!!

The other thing that we desperately need is storage of some type, particularly, but not only, in the west of the Algarve. If anybody has any space to offer, we would be so grateful and then we would need volunteers to manage it.

Alternatively, cash donations can be made using PayPal:
algarvefamiliesinneed@hotmail.com or bank account IBAN PT5000070000005141347272 3SWIFT/BIC BESCPTPL

We cannot thank enough those people who have, and continue to allow this work to continue. We remain truly grateful to all those who have donated throughout the years but most especially through this last year of unknown hardship. We find it hard to believe that people are still coming out to our collections and giving so cheerfully even though many have experienced adverse effects themselves.

It’s not over yet but we are getting there.

The Algarve Network for Families in Need
Registration Name: Associação Todos Team
Nif: 516092626
Email : familiesinneed@hotmail.com