Medication has been posted to us in Portugal routinely, ie ‘country to country’ I think that’s called International post, we are ‘Snow Birds’ not residents. Due to Brexit the post office asked my daughter to complete the customs forms and indicate the contents are medication, this was done and accepted for postage.

The movement of our medication by post, on this occasion is external to the E.U. and international.

I fully appreciate the sensitivity regarding Brexit! Not quite as naive as you may think.

A letter arrives explaining my medication is suspended by customs and to do nothing until a further communication is sent, this has not materialised, but my daughter reports the pills have been returned to her unopened? And therefore unchecked in any way?

In conclusion the “mountains of parcels” arriving internationally, known as commerce incidentally, and subject to a plethora of rules and regulations you seem to think are now current is being addressed by simply returning to sender in my case; or demanding non existent receipts in order to charge 40% IVA. A waste of effort. I say again this lovely country full of friendly people, not backward, is sold short by appalling governance.

Michael & Joan Borrill, By email