The motto of the school, of “learning through sharing” is evident in every area and can be seen in the dedication of the school to multiculturalism which is approached through focusing on communication and expression, inspiration and exhibition and creation and experimentation, with all of these areas developed not only through studies but also through arts, music, food and social events.

With more than 45 nationalities of students and 20 nationalities of teachers at the school, fostering a sense of multiculture is not only preferred but is also essential when working to create a sense of inclusivity for all.

The International Sharing School is proud to celebrate all the different cultures within the school, on both a daily basis and also through dedicated specific events.

Every Thursday is International Thursday at ISS and on this day a country is picked from the school community to be celebrated in the kitchen. This means that for the entire day the food for the teachers and the students reflects the country that is chosen, bringing multiculture into the real world for everyone to be able to experience in an accessible, informative, educational and fun way.

The school also celebrates many different events from across the cultures from Chinese New Year to Persian New year to Ramadan, Holi, Christmas for Catholics and Orthodox, and many more as a way to immerse the school community in the traditions and cultures from around the world.

While at the school the day to day teaching is in English, other languages are also taught to the students including Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, French, German and Spanish. This allows students to not only broaden their knowledge of languages, an important tool in the modern world, but also allows them to engage more deeply in the cultures that they are working with.

Coding and Robotic are also an important part of the curriculum and are integrated into the maths classes for students. Coding for problem solving allows children to be able to prepare for an unknown future. We know that 70 percent of the jobs today will no longer exist in 10 years, and of these we can only predict what 20 percent of new jobs will be. Because of this, the school prepares the kids to face the unknown 80 percent through soft skills, adaptations and flexibility.

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