Located in the heart of Olhão, in the Algarve, this private school runs from pre-school to middle school (9th grade), and it is already planned for the next school year (2021/2022) to extend the provision for up to the 12th grade and to also open a nursery to receive younger children.

The Bernadette Romeira School wants to give the very best quality to their students in an environmwnt of learning where theory always accompanies practice, even in the most traditional subjects such as Portuguese, mathematics and science. “These three main subjects have a very intense practical activity, for example, in maths our teachers, who have been teaching here for many years, do a lot of exercises with students”. This has already led the school to win several awards including being recognised as one of the best schools in mathematics in the Algarve.

Maths might be the Achilles heel for many children, but in the Bernardette Romeira School learning maths is actually fun for the children. “There are specific days to do exercises, not only the exercise throughout the school hour, but there are dynamics with maths games, internal maths Olympiads, as well as work between classes of different years also associated with mathematics”, said the CEO, Francisco Bento.

Motivation is the key to success. “Yesterday they were doing tests and exams, to prepare internally to go to the math Olympiads. They are extremely motivated inside these doors, with awards, medals and other types of incentives”, he told The Portugal News.

Francisco Bento, graduated in International Relations and also in Law, is a Law professor and has great experience in the business sector, having bought the first school in 2014 in Mafra. All this work allows him to have a his own perspective of the world and education in particular, recognising the importance of children getting to know the reality of outside. “Through field trips to farms, we show how cows produce milk, how cheese production works”, for example.

At the Bernardette Romeira School, students have a wide range of highly didactic spaces and activities. Auditoriums with all the instruments and fully equipped labs for those who love science are just a few areas to discover in the school. They also have many extracurricular activities such as theatre, French, ceramics and others.

“We have the best laboratories in the Algarve with the best equipment and machines. We are one of the few schools in which they can do experiments based on what they have learned in theory. Here they can do it because they have several labs, all with all the equipment available and this is difficult to find in schools”, said the CEO.

Students are encouraged to be the best versions of themselves; even better students are always encouraged to be a bit better. For example, “on a scale of 0 to 20, a student with a good grade of 16 is always encouraged to push to reach a 17,” said Francisco Bento. And those who have not had such good grades are also motivated to do better. “We don’t want to be a school that will deprive those who don’t know, we will use other learning mechanisms instead because learning doesn’t just take place in theory”.

This attention to detail makes this school a very personalised one, where there is room for everyone. Special education isn’t an exception. They have many activities for these kids, with teachers with a lot of experience to promote their development, while including them with other students.

But also other details are taken into consideration inside Bernadette Romeira, for example, in case of students who can’t eat certain type of foods, the school is very open to these cases. In addition, food is always cooked at school and many of the products are purchased from local suppliers.

Whether following Portuguese teaching or the Cambridge curriculum, the CEO is sure: “Those who study in Bernardette Romeira have an excellent education, with the best teachers in the Algarve, a great diet and all of this coupled with re-enforced security and the best infrastructures in the Algarve”, concluded Francisco Bento.

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