Selbstterminierung von Impfstoffen ab nächster Woche möglich

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The Minister of Health, Marta Temido, announced on 21 April that the portal for self-scheduling vaccination against Covid-19 will be working by next week.

"We thought that [the portal] might already be working, but there was a need to read just the work agenda according to the allocation of resources to the mass vaccination process of teachers and non-teachers", said the minister, who spoke at a press conference at Infarmed.

Marta Temido also recalled that the portal of the National Health Service, in the space for vaccination Covid-19, “has been progressing”, allowing the use of a simulator for users to check if they are on the list of registrations for each of the phases of vaccination.

It also allows those who are in the private sector to register for vaccination, through the doctor who cares for them.

The official also said that the functionalities of this tool will be reinforced, with the possibility of opting for vaccination in a different place from that of residence.

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