“This is the main message. Portugal, with what it has been doing since January, is seen today as a European reference”, said the government official, in a conversation with GNR officers and with the Mayor of Odemira.

The measures which have been in place for months to combat the spread of the virus have helped to make Portugal the country “with the best results in responding to the pandemic across Europe”, stressed the minister.

“This did not happen by chance”, but “with a lot of work by a lot of people, in the area of ​​health, but also in the area of ​​internal security” and in other sectors, as well as due to the important “role of citizens”, he said.

Above all, the “concrete measures”, which were brought in by the government was “what made the difference”, he stressed.

According to Eduardo Cabrita, it is these measures and results that will allow us to “have, on Friday, a social summit in Porto”.

“And, the following week”, more precisely on Tuesday, “a meeting on migration” will take place in Lisbon, with “more than a dozen interior ministers, both from the European Union and from countries in North Africa” .