With Portuguese and English Studies sections, on this day, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about a school that puts students at the centre of learning, providing a first-class education to all students.

You are welcome to join the open day to learn all about the school and its fantastic facilities through organised visits in small groups, each guided by a member of the educational community. Despite all the constraints imposed by the pandemic, all the protective measures imposed by the government will be in place. There will be a small reception where you will have the opportunity to meet the administrative and pedagogical team, followed by a guided tour of the facilities.

At Colégio Bernardette Romeira, the Early Years students start their school journey through an approach centred on their physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills developed in a playful environment. They experience a stimulating environment, where their curiosity plays a fundamental role.

In the Primary school section, priority is given to developing children’s natural curiosity and essential learning skills through a holistic and engaging approach aligned with the Portuguese national curriculum. During the school day, students have several opportunities for exploration and transdisciplinary learning. They also develop their skills with specialist teachers in a variety of classes which include: Physical Education, Music, Visual Arts, Dramatic Expression and Dance. As a complementary offer, students also have the opportunity to develop their technological skills through a combination of Robotics and Programming called Probotics.

In the 2nd and 3rd Portuguese cycles, students are prepared to enter the next stage of their journey, not only academically but also to grow personally and socially. CBR is proud to address all students’ needs with specialised support making sure that no student is left behind and that they reach their full potential. A wide variety of extra-curricular activities are also provided by the school.

From an early age, English and Portuguese are part of the learning process in both sections of the school. In the 7th Year students learn a third language. The school has a strong language department and has recently been recognised as a Cambridge Preparation Examination Centre.

Whenever possible, school trips enrich the curriculum and provide a hands-on experience to students. The school relies on positive partnerships with the surrounding community.

With a large facility, all classrooms are spacious and purposefully built with interactive whiteboards. Two large and well-equipped laboratories give students an amazing opportunity to develop their science skills in a state-of-the-art facilities.
All teaching staff are fully qualified. Specialised teachers are supportive and challenge the students to exceed their abilities.

As part of this visit, you will be able to discover other facilities such as an auditorium and a spacious library with a vast collection of books in Portuguese, English, French and other languages. In addition, students have access to educational games and audio-visual resources.

Colégio Bernardette Romeira is also proud to put an emphasis on arts offering a Music Programme to its students. A wide range of instruments is available to students who can opt for individual lessons or by joining the school band.

During this Open Day, you will have an opportunity to enquire about the extra-curricular activities offered, such as Theatre Workshop, where students are challenged to express themselves, while learning theatrical techniques in a playful and interactive way, or the Ceramics Club, one of the oldest arts of humanity.

For school sports, students can enrol in karate, basketball and acrobatic gymnastics which encourage students to explore their physical potential. A swimming club was also created to encourage water sports at national competition level.
During term breaks, students have the opportunity to join the CBR on summer camps. They are run by the specialised staff members who carry out activities focused on creativity, which include: themed handicrafts, sports tournaments, traditional outdoor games, scavenger hunts, group games, exciting school trips and cinema afternoons.

This and much more is waiting for you at CBR!

To attend this open day, make sure to register by following the link below or on the school’s website.

Members of the Administrative Team will be available to clarify any doubts about admissions, as well as other services available.

Join us by simply registering via the link available in the footer or via email: csluz@cbr.edu.pt