There are many famous quotes or phrases that sum up a new beginning, giving you realism and hope. Hope that one day the journey will be completed or indeed a better future awaits. After visiting the office of and meeting the team you can’t help but be inspired that this will be the start of something special. I was presented to David Rowat, the owner and managing director, who, after finishing with two sets of clients was able to give me a wonderful background to how this company was established, the ethos behind the name and their approach. How they will do things differently and, how certain things, like trust and hard work, will always stay the same.

It was easy to be impressed but I felt I needed more. Where was the proof of the pudding? What new concepts were they bringing to the industry?

Introducing the Virtual Experience! It certainly sounded fun. And then it was presented to me, a complete virtual package of virtual tools that meant I could be viewing a property from anywhere at any time – virtually! Aerial videos of local towns, aerial videos of local landmarks, a day and night fly-by of the property, a walk-through of each and every room (no longer will I be able to associate a ‘dolls house’ with my childhood memories), floor plans and I was even able to plan how to furnish the property if I bought it.

Unfortunately, such as life, I’m not in a position to purchase the stunning villa they dazzled in front of my eyes, but wow – it really does beg the question of what more do you need to see?

For the purchaser, this technology is making the challenge of finding a home much simpler. I am also certainly sure the vendors are delighted to be able to promote their homes professionally without actually opening a door – apart from letting in the Virtual Experience Team!

Little acorns have been planted. The first few steps have been made and what’s meant to be will always find a way. impressed me from the minute I arrived until I left. Their journey will be an exciting one and it makes sense to be part of it if you’re buying or selling a property in Portugal.