With the exception of the district of Leiria, which has high levels, all other districts on the continent are at very high risk of exposure to UV radiation, a situation for which the IPMA advises the use of sunglasses with UV filter, hat, 't-shirt', parasol, sunscreen and avoiding exposure to the sun for children.

The calculation is made based on the values ​​observed at 13:00 of each day in relation to the air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and amount of precipitation in the last 24 hours.

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere foresees today in mainland Portugal little cloud or clear skies.

During the afternoon, a temporary increase in cloudiness is expected in the interior of the North and Centre, with la ow probability of scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially in mountain areas.

The maximum temperatures forecast for today are 33 degrees in Évora, 32 in Beja, 31 in Bragança, 30 in Faro and Lisbon, 26 in Sagres, 20 in Porto and 23 in Viana do Castelo.