The seniors had a great time in such a welcoming setting and they were given excellent complimentary food and drinks as they came together to socialise after such a hard and isolating lockdown.

Rhiannon, the owner of Made in Belfast told me that it was a joyous occasion, seeing seniors get back to socialising again and she is excited for the next events.

A special thank you should be given to Rhiannon, who organised this event and who took the initiative to bring seniors together, which is such a worthwhile cause and one that deserved the attention brought to it.

If other businesses in communities like Loulé, Almancil, Quarteira, Carvoeiro and Lagoa, for example, would like to give back to their community and host something similar please do not hesitate to contact Rhiannon at Rhiannon would be more than happy to give more details on how to go about it.

Due to the great success of this first event, Rhiannon is very much looking forward to hosting again but for now there are other businesses who are yet to host!

The next event to look forward to will take place at Gastrobar 13 in Alvor, where they will host a Secret Garden breakfast in July, please spread the word to someone over 60 or similarly to reserve a place please contact Gastrobar 13 directly on 917 866 705 or by email at

Following Gastrobar 13 is Sinead’s Platters with a beach brunch picnic in August and Golfland will be hosting a free mini golf and buffet in September. If you are interested in attending any of these events in celebration of seniors, please contact the businesses directly.